Electronic Doctor Stem Generator is the only portable medical device that produces clinically proven cellular proliferation.

It was created to determine tissue reinforcement to the bone and gums and is approved with CE marking as a class IIa medical device. The efficiency of the device in dentistry has been proved by both in vitro* and in vivo studies (with hundreds of clinical cases) and therefore, its recommended use refers to the following conditions:

  • » Periodontitis (even when teeth mobility is rated grade II)
  • » Peri-implantitis
  • » Apical Granulomas and traces of bone necrosis
  • » Thin and sensitive gums

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More about Electronic Doctor

- Improves results after Emdogain, PRP and PRF

- Mandatory continuous regeneration in case of overloaded implants (all in 4, over dentures)

- Enhancing the neo-vascularization of bone or gum grafts

- Enhancing bone densification before and after implant insertion

- Reducing the bone resorbtion around teeth and dental implants with occlusal overload (malocclusions, imperfect positioning of implants)

- Prolonging the duration and maintenance of the fixed dental works, for patients that have a counter indication for dental implants

- Strengthening the supporting bone for the pivotal-teeth that sustain the partial dental works

- Reducing the contention period for the patients that undergo orthodontic treatments, once the braces have been removed.

Electronic Doctor Stem Generator is recommended for dental implant maintenance, to improve their osseointegration over time, as it renews autologous cell population of osteoblasts through a repeatable and atraumatic mechanism.
The activation of progenitor cells (adult stem cells) - present in large numbers in a latent state in the bone and gums- is the main physiological phenomenon that the Electronic Doctor Stem Generator device relies upon.

The bone is characterized by continuous change inside the cells and this ability, specific to each person, of the cells to continuously change determines specific features (bone density, bone reactivity, essential elements in implantology and bone graft).
An electromagnetic field, of a strictly controlled value is applied through laboratory made, custom dental devices (corresponding to the shape of that patient's dental arches) to induce the phenomenon of the body's own regeneration with great results for the patient.
The number of treatment sessions required is determined by the dentist after radiographic analysis and clinical examination of teeth mobility and may vary from 60 hours to 200 hours of electromagnetic therapy for each dental arch.
A medical software incorporated into the device allows the dentist to activate the generator that remains blocked on purpose until the dentist recommends it. Also, through the medical software, installed on a computer, managed by the treatment's logistical responsible, in the dental clinic, the initial number of electromagnetic therapy hours will be activated. The dentist decides - for each patient- the time for the recall and, at that point, the dentist decides if additional electromagnetic therapy hours are required or the patient returns the generator.< br /> Each session is 2 hour long and 3 sessions per week are recommended, once every other day, for each dental arch.
The total duration of the treatment will be assesed depending on the severity of the bone resorbtion.
For patients that consider the duration of electromagnetic therapy to be long, they must be reminded that the loss of teeth and implants is much more expensive than "a waste of time" that is happening anyway, every time the patient is at home, in his/her spare time ( watching TV, working on the computer, reading etc) ..

Because the financial investment for the insertion of implants will also include the obligation to periodically reinforce the bone around implants, using the Electronic Doctor Stem Generator treatment, the patient must understand that the treatment will be recommended for the entire life.

The patient will understand that is in his/her best interest to dedicate the time for cellular re-enforcement and the result will be a better cooperation with the dentist that will succeed in increasing loyalty among patients.
Depending on the individual patient's risk of relapse and the type of implant inserted, the dentist will recommend a new series of treatment sessions for tissue reinforcement after 1-3 years. The custom dental applicators, which are designed after the patient's dental arch shapes, will remain in the property of the patient and they may be reused, when they are connected to an Electronic Doctor Stem Generator, received at the dentist recommendation.
As fluoride reinforces the enamel, prevents the formation of cavities and slows down their progress, same is Electronic Doctor Stem Generator activating the bone and gum cells, in order to maintain mobile teeth and prologue the life span of dental implants. This comparison is useful for understanding the classification of proposed medical treatment as one with general addressability.
Electromagnetic field therapy is contraindicated in the following situations / medical conditions:
1. Pregnancy
2. Open injuries
3. Tumors (benign or malignant)
4. Assisted bodily functions (eg. Heart pacemaker)

Try our digital, minimally invasive periodontitis treatment: ELECTRONIC DOCTOR!

Periodontitis, gum recession, gum bleeding, peri-implantitis, tooth mobility, they can all be effectively treated.

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  • No risk of side effects
  • No foreign substance contact
  • May be used as a preventive method
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