Bone Reinforcement

Bone Reinforcement using Electronic Doctor Therapy

Electronic Doctor is most of the times used as a bone reinforcement treatment. The regenerative electromagnetic field is applied to the affected areas using the Electronic Doctor emitters and the number of progenitor cells increases. After 20 sessions the bone will have the suitable density for inserting dental implants, this way avoiding the bone graft and sinus lift surgery (if the residual bone has 7 mm height minimum).

Aplications in Implantology

In dental implantology, most surgical interventions are meant to increase the patients' number of cells in the affected areas. Still, many of those procedures fail to accomplish that goal. Classical tissue regeneration techniques, as bone grafts, are proven to be ineffective as the patient's body reacts to the graft in an aggressive way. An immune response is triggered by any foreign substance inoculation. An important percentage of these procedures lead to infection at the graft site and the capacity of regeneration in those areas decreases drastically.

Even if the bone grafting procedure succeeds, the bone will have a low density and only long, large-diameter dental implant would be suitable for insertion. Thus, the risk of peri-implantitis and implant failure should be a real concern.

The Electronic Doctor Bone Reinforcement Therapy manages to increase the density of the bone without any foreign substance inoculation. This way there is no risk of triggering the immune reaction. The regenerative EM field will increase the number of progenitor cells (similar to stem cells) in the desired area and an accelerated regeneration process will begin.

If this type of regenerative treatment is performed prior to the dental implant surgery, the bone tissue will be dense enough to sustain the dental implant. Even if the patient has a very "thin-bone", short or small diameter dental implants can be inserted, and, due to the high densification of the bone that was treated with Electronic Doctor, those implants will have a very long lifespan.

Advantages of Electronic Doctor bone reinforcement therapy

  • » No foreign substance is used, thus, the procedure does not trigger an immune reaction;
  • » This therapy increses the number of progenitor cells, making the natural regeneration of tissue possible;
  • » It is a pain free treatment;
  • » The bone densification alows the dental surgeon to insert small-diameter dental implants or short dental implants to the patients that lost their teeth to periodontitis.
  • » It's the safest way to increse the lifespan of dental implants or natural teeth;
  • » The bone reinforcement and densification therapy with Electronic Doctor can be also used to prevent peri-implantitis, periodontitis, gingivitis or gum recession;

Clinical Cases