Gum Recession Treatment

Gum Recession Treatment with Electronic Doctor

In most cases our treatment for gum recession is based on non-invasive tissue regenerative techniques. We use the Electronic Doctor device to trigger a regenerative response in the surrounding soft tissue of the tooth. Still, in some cases that techniques needs to be preceded by procedures that treat the active causes of gum recession:
  • » Malocclusion (bad bite);
  • » Sub-gingival calculus (tartar);
  • » Gum inflammations;

Anyhow, we treat gum recession using only minimally invasive techniques. As other dental clinics focus on gingival grafting when it comes to treating gum recession, we try to use the scalpels as less as possible, by taking full advantage of the available high tech technology. Read the complete overview of our new scalpel-free gum recession treatment!

Gingival Recession can be categorized by its causes and so can be categorized its treatment. After the periodontist determines the cause of the gum recession he will proceed to the adequate treatment.

In some cases (for example if the aggressive teeth brushing is the cause of gingival recession), the periodontist will only explain to the patient what to avoid and what products to use for dental hygiene. Still, if the cause is more serious (gum disease, periodontal disease, bruxism), the treatment will be performed in one of our dental clinic.

Gum recession caused by gum diseases

Any inflammation or infection of the gums can cause gingival recession if it's left untreated. The treatment, in this situation, is most of the times limited to non-invasive therapy:

  • » Professional teeth scaling (calculus/tartar removal);
  • » Bacterial plaque cleaning.

If the gums are seriously affected we also recommend non-invasive regenerative therapy with the Electronic Doctor dentistry tool.

Gum recession caused by periodontal disease

If the patient has periodontitis the receding gums are probably only a symptom of this disease. A few sessions of regenerative treatment won't stop the receding gums as the alveolar bone resorprtion needs to be stopped first. A complete periodontitis treatment scheme is recommended. The periodontitis treatment will heal the affected gums as well.

Gum recession produced by stomatological procedures

In some cases, the recession of the gums may be produced by stomatological procedures or devices: dental implants, dental crowns, orthodontic braces, mouth guards or teeth bleaching/whitening sessions. If the gums are not seriously inflamed, 2 or 3 regenerative sessions in our dental clinic will treat the receding gums.


Gum recession caused by bruxism or malocclusion

Bruxism (teeth grinding) and malocclusion are common causes of gum recession. This type of gingival recession can be easily treated by our specialist. In order to cure our patients' bruxism or bad bite (malocclusion) we use digital equipment: T-Scan III and EMG (electromyograph). This way we are able to remove by a simple polishing procedure all the "bad" contacts.

The causes being removed, the regenerative treatment is started: only a few sessions of therapy with the Electronic Doctor device.


Our treatment can be applied to any patient that's affected by this disease. The procedure does not require any type of anesthesia, no foreign substances is used and there are no side effects. Find the nearest dental clinic and schedule a free consultation.