Periimplantitis Signs and Symptoms

Any patient with dental implants should know the signs and symptoms of peri-implantitis. By knowing the early signs of this disease, a patient can receive professional help in time, before the bone loss around the implants is too intense.

In most cases the severe forms of peri-implantitis are preceded by its mild form: peri-implantitis mucositis. Here is a list with early signs of peri-implantitis:

  • Swelling in the gums;
  • The color of the gums near the implants changes;
  • Gum bleeding while brushing;
  • High gum sensitivity;

After the peri-implantitis evolved to more severe forms (marginal peri-implantitis, retrograde peri-implantitis), the signs and symptoms change:

  • Implant mobility;
  • Mild-to-severe pain;
  • Abundant bleeding while brushing;
  • Implant exposure (the receding gums fail to adhere to the crown or implant surface);
  • Purulent secretion from the implants’ surrounding tissues.